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Dead Sea and Ein Bokek, Mer morte et Ein Bokek
Day tour to the Dead Sea and Masada
Duration:8 hours
Pick up from your hotel
The Dead Sea  is one of the most unusual bodies of water in the world. It is located in the lowest place on Earth, has no outlet and after its water evaporates becomes so loaded with minerals that you will be able to float while reading your favorite book. You too can experience this exceptional "float"
Known in ancient times for its benefit to the body,Herod the Great decided to build a fortress on top of a mountain for his pleasure and safety: Masada
Masada, the last stronghold of the rebels who fought for their freedom against the mighty Roman Empire also became their tomb in 73 CE after Flavius Silva, the Roman general vanquished.
Visit the remains of Herod's Palace with its impregnable view on the Judean desert and on the Dead Sea, his lavish 
bath house and relive the story of the rebels who dared to oppose Rome.
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